Company Law and Secretarial Activities

We provide professional help in Secretarial and Legal functions also. Assistance can be provided either on- or off-site, focusing not just on where your company is, but on where you want it to be. We assist companies across India and members of close corporations by offering solutions using technical expertise and access to professional knowledge. Our gamut of activities include the following:

Incorporation of Companies & matter incidental thereto
• Drafting of Memorandum and Article of Association and alterations thereof.
• Incorporation of Private, Public Limited & Sec. 25 companies.
• Matters relating to change of object, change of name, change in place of registered office of a Company.

Matters relating to allotment and issue of shares
• Return of Allotment.
• Further Issue of Capital.
• Issue of Shares Certificates and other related matters.

Registration of charges
• Filing of Form No. 8, 13 and 17 for creation, m
odification and satisfaction of charges.
• Obtaining of charge registration certificate and duly endorsed copies of Form No. 8, 13, 17 from Registrar of Companies.
• Take inspection on quantum of charges of the company.
• Making applications with the Company Law Board for rectification of register of charges.

Meetings & proceedings
• Drafting of Agenda and Notice of Board Meeting, Annual General Meetings, Extra Ordinary General Meetings.
• Drafting of Minutes of all the above meetings.

• Conducting of an Audit of the secretarial records & issue of the Secretarial Compliance Certificate.
• Certification under various provisions of the Companies Act & the Rules made thereunder and under SEBI guidelines.

Maintaining statutory registers
Maintaining statutory registers as per various provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 viz. Register of Members, Shares Transfer Register, Register of Charges, Register of Contracts u/s 297 and Fixed Assets Register etc.

Other Secretarial Activities
• Stock Exchange and SEBI related compliances
• Mergers and Amalgamations
• Winding up of companies


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