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A design registration provides protection for the appearance of either a 2 or 3 dimensional article. Design registration can be powerful where the article has special features or a unique appearance (eg. a spare part) or where the appearance has high aesthetic appeal. A Registered Design gives one the right to take legal action to prevent other people from exploiting a product identical or similar to that registered, without ones consent

The Designs Act, 2000, is the law relating to Designs in India, to grant registration for designs and provide protection for shapes, patterns, configurations etc. which are unique and distinctive.


A design means features of –

• Shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition applied to any article
• By any industrial process or means,
• Whether Manual, mechanical or chemical
• Which in the article appeal to and are solely judged by the eye

What can be registered?

Any new design which is the outcome of an inventive activity, mentally conceived, put on the drawing board, tangible and distinctive in appearance can be registered as a Design.

Our Services 

Our services include:

• Advice on whether a design is suitable for registration
• Filing and prosecution of a design application before the Designs Office.
• Infringement searches
• Investigating the validity of registrations
• Filing and Opposing
• Technical support for licensing and litigation
• Negotiating and settling registered design disputes
• Organising renewals, watch, technical drawing, translation and related services
• Enforcing design registration rights against an infringer


The procedure for registration of a design is as follows:

• Application for design.
• Scrutiny of the design
• Analyzing the examination report of the Design office
• Replying to examination reports.
• Hearings in respect of the design application
• Stage of Oppositions and filing evidences
• Registration of the Design

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